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Chrishell Stause






Dr. Najia

" Proactiv has worked wonders for my patients as humidity in this part of the country makes the face more oily and acne prone. For this reason, I find the Proactiv range of products extremely effective without being harsh.

A proper skin care regime is crucial in order to maintain acne free skin. One that includes a deep cleanser, a refreshing toner as well as an effective moisturizer. Products containing benzoyl peroxide help remove excess oils, keep pores clear as well as speed up the healing process, when fresh outbreaks occur.

My patients said that they found the Proactiv range gentle yet effective. Even using it daily, the skin is kept feeling soft and supple not dry or flaky. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has gone or is going through the pain and unhappiness of Acne."










Jennifer Berry


Dr. Khilji

" Finally a no nonsense simple way to control my patients acneic problems. I personally liked the smooth fresh feeling one gets after applying the toner with its botanical substances and surprisingly, did not get that typical tight feeling one often experiences after using products containing benzoyl peroxide."