Proactiv® Solution has changed the skin—and lives—of millions of people. Read our customers’ success stories and see in their un-retouched photos how Proactiv® Solution has helped them control their acne.
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Kariyushi Rao, 22
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"I don't spend an hour in the mirror, with concealer trying to cover up million spots"
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Table 01
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Chenier Hundal , 24,
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"I was just amazed at how it made my skin feel."
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Tamajah Gibson , 23
"Within a week I started to see drastic changes..."
Chrstine Golombowski, 28
"I'm a real person that had real acne and it really works..."
Claudia Ahlstrom , 28
"I really swear by Proactiv because it has just made a..."
Wendy Romine , 42
"Proactiv Solution has kept my skin clear for a year and a half."
Bella Favela , 35
"Since I started using Proactiv, my life has totally changed."
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Melissa Johnson, 20
"...I like how it's helping prevent more breakouts..."
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Brooke Bennett , 27
"Proactiv works... I'm able to maintain a smooth complexion."
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Teressa Coronado , 35
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"Proactiv works. It plain and simple works."
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Faith Oliver-Robertson , 39
"After about 3 days... I could tell it was making a difference."
McConnell Franklin , 19
"I love Proactiv... I couldn't be me without it."
Michael Briggs , 34
"I was amazed at how quickly I really saw a difference."
Michelle Hoffman , 25
"I'm just so happy with the results of Proactiv. It's amazing."
Silvia Mendoza , 26
"The best thing I ever did... was try Proactiv Solution."