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As a college student, I'd go to parties and take pictures, and have fun with my friends. But when I'd get the pictures back, I'd have acne all over my forehead – a complete buzzkill. It ruined the pictures and my memories of these awesome times. I wasn't proud of the photos because I didn't look good in them.

Later on, when I found out I got the part on All My Children, I was so excited. But you want your skin to be good -- you want to feel confident that your skin looks clean on TV. I was so frustrated that nothing was working on my skin.

Then one day my mom gave me Proactiv to try. I started using it and the zits started going away. It just gave me clean, clear skin.

And it's been 7 years now since I've been using it every day. That's how I discovered it, through my mom. Smart lady!

I tell everybody about Proactiv because it really does work. It just made these little underground monsters go away. It gave me clean, clear skin for the first time in years.

I don't know what they're doing in that little Praoctiv lab of theirs, but they're making magic!